Lunch Information

Lunch Prices and Procedures
Elementary breakfast is served each morning at 8:20.
The cost is $1.40.

Elementary school lunch costs $2.45 per day.

Milk costs $.45.

Prepayments may be made at
If you send cash, please put it in a sealed envelope with the student's name on it. Checks MUST have names and addresses preprinted on them or they will be returned.

Parents are welcome to join their student for lunch occasionally.
Please call the office before 9:00 a.m. to reserve your lunch or we may not be able to accommodate you. Adult tickets can be purchased for $3.25.
You may bring food in to our cafeteria for your child only.

Lunch times:
11:25-11:52   Kindergarten
11:30-11:53   Title 1 Preschool
11:30-12:00 1st Grade
11:35-12:03   Pre Primary Montessori
11:35-12:05   4th Grade
11:40-12:10   3rd Grade
11:45-12:15   Primary Montessori (Sweet)
11:50-12:20   Primary Montessori (Charles/Barr)

11:55-12:25   2nd Grade
12:00-12:30   5th Grade
12:05-12:35   Intermediate Montessori

Boy Eating Cafeteria Lunch